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Save The Date

 2018 Induction


When: September 7 - 8

Where: Bass Pro Springfield. MO

Stay tuned for more information.

One of the men who will be inducted next Fall will be archery pioneer Dick Mauch. You don't want to miss this one.





AHOF Museum

Hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm daily


Over 750,00 people have visited the Museum since

opening in the fall of 2012.


Located on the upper floor

 Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

1935 S. Campbell Ave.,

Springfield, Missouri





Archery Hall of Fame

Elects Three New Board Members


 Jahna Davis Jurenka, John Kleman and Chuck Nease  were recently elected to serve on the AHOF Board of Directors for a three year term. They will be replacing  Jane Johnson, Ann Clark and MR James whose terms expired this fall. James will continue to be involved as President Emertus. The new Board members will join President Rick McKinney, and current members Joe St. Charles, Dave Gordon and Chuck Jordan.

jerenkaJahna Davis Jurenka
who hales from Jefferson City, Montana brings  business experience as well as youth to the board. She has been shooting professional since 1995 and  is a World Field Champion as well as a NFAA and USA National Champion. She is also a past recipient of the USA Archery Athlete of the Year Award.








John Kleman who many people will remember as the " Good Guy in Black " during the PAA days was a strong competitor and captured many archery titles during the 60's and 70's. He also served on the Board of Directors of the ArcheryManufactures Asso. and was one of the original members of the Fred Bear Sports Club. During his 20 years in the industry he was affiliated with companys such as Jennings, Bohning and Darton. To quote a line from his bio, John said, " I have been away from archery for awhile, but the romance of archery was never out of my heart and sole."





 nease        Chuck Nease brings over 50 years of archery experience to the Hall of Fame Board.  As a  Marketing Engineer, in 1973 he designed the first Bear Archery Compound and won the Mid-Atlantic NFAA Outdoor Tournament shooting Freestyle. A competitive archer in target and 3 D Chuck  has won over 50 national and world titles in the amateur and pro class since 1960 and has also taken over 300 big game animals with his hunting skills. In Talking with Chuck he said" Archery taught me at an early age, if you work at something long and hard enough; you can make dreams and goals come true. Even become a World Champion on a blessed weekend."


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