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 September 21 - 22

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Please join us on September 21 and  22, 2018 as we welcome four new members into the Archery Hall of Fame.


From the Class of 2016 we welcome Nebraska Archery Hall of Fame Inductee, Dick Mauch. A close friend and business partner for many years with legendary Fred Bear, Dick  played a big part in Bear Archery. A huge part of archery history


Dick is one of the last of his

breed.  He doesn't just know the story, he lived it. He walked and worked along side the pioneers of our sport who were there in the beginning,


He is also an outdoorsmen and a hunter who has havested big game from North America as well as Africa.


Also from the Class of 2016 is
Bowyer, Owen Jeffrey who will be honored posthumously. Also involved with Bear Archery many of you are familiar with Owens bow design and have probably owned and shot one of his bows in your lifetime. Owen was an avid outdoorsman, hunter and tireless ambassador for the sport of archery.





ragsdaleClass of 2017
Michelle and Terry Ragsdale will be  the first husband and wife to be inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in the same year.

Michelle dominated women’s competitor from 1975 to 2003 by capturing
16 National titles as well as 7 world titles.

Terry has 14 National Championships to his credit plus 5 world titles.

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