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April 15, 2013

To Officers of Archery Hall of Fame,


This is to voice my sentiment concerning your recent election of Bob Lee to the Archery Hall of Fame.

I do not personally know Bob but his impact to the sport is well known to me and I would venture to say Ben Pearson Sr. would express the same sentiment!


Bob Lee will be an outstanding addition to the Hall!


I congratulate the Hall for his election.


 Best regards,


Ben Pearson Jr.


April 12, 2013


Dear Archery Hall of Fame,

 A few month ago I requested any information or photographs that you
might have for Ernie Root for my blog:
Then shortly after I contacted you Lawrence Root stepped forward and
 posted in several chat-rooms, he has filled the vacuum of information
 about Ernie Root. He also added his own post to my blog-- A Son's
 Memory of His Father- Ernie Root By Lawrence Root.

 I have looked through the list of inductees and I think that there is
 room for Ernie Root. His contributions to archery was considerable
and I feel his impact on the sport was immeasurable. Do you have a
 formal procedure or official check list of things required for his nomination?


Thank you!!
 Larry Vienneau


April 8th, 2012


I'm looking for archival information and photos on the Winton Bowmen Archery Club that was active in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1950's.  Can you put me in contact with someone still living who knew Charlie Pierson?


I belong to a traditional archery club, and would like to do an article in our club newsletter on when all archery was "traditional".  I grew up in Greenhills (suburb of Cincinnati), so I'm dimly aware of an archery club being active before I was born.


Joe Henz

Carolina Traditional Archers









To: Board of Directors                                                                              June 13, 2011

The Archery Hall of Fame


Thanks to Diane Miller, I just received my Spring/Summer issue of the Archery Icon.

The purpose of this memo is to express my pleasure with the progress for The Archery Hall of Fame & Museum at Springfield, Missouri. A copy is being mailed to each Board member.

My name is Howard N. Wilson and the only surviving member of the Wilson Boys that included Norman, Jack and Bob. I was born and raised in Springfield 87 years ago this very date - now retired and reside in Sarasota. Florida.



Archery was a passion as well as a business for we four boys and combined we won a number of State, Regional and National championships. I personally was a multiple winner of the Springfield, Missouri Ozark Archery Club as a Junior and then later as the Men's Champion. I also won a number of State titles including target and field championships as a Junior and in the Men's division. Combined with Norman, Jack and Bob and representing the Ozark Archery Club, we won the National Archery Association Team Championship three years and Jack and I placed first and second in the Men's Division.  I may be the only person to have won a National Archery Association Dallin Medal as a Junior and Men's participant. They are proudly displayed on the wall in my den. Our entire family was involved in archery including our wives - Bob's wife, Chris Wilson was a Women's State Champion - and my sister, June, was a Junior Girl's Champion. The Ozark Archery Club had a sizable membership with a fine archery range at Phelps Grove Park and hosted a number of tournaments during the 40's and 50'S.

Spending so much time in competition, I think it was inevitable that we evolved into a full time archery manufacturing business with a line of Black Widow Bows. That business continues today under new ownership in Nixa, Missouri who have taken it to greater successes with continued improvements in technology.

We've also been honored by the Missouri State Archery Association with the creation ol a Perpetual Wilson Boys Championship Trophy that is being awarded each year to the winners of the Men's, Women's and Junior Championship divisions.  I , along with Chris Wilson, Bob Wilson's widow, was invited to present the first trophies at the 2005 Missouri State Championship held in Columbia, Missouri. Jim Noble, a Missouri State Archery Association officer has been kind enough send me names and photos of successive year's winners.

In addition, The University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology requested that we contribute some memorabilia in the form of archery equipment and trophies we had won for their collection and display. They do have an impressive and interesting collection of archery artifacts from around the world that emanated from the Grayson Collection for a beginning. Anyone with an interest in archery would be richly rewarded with a visit to their facility. In addition to the display area, they have a warehouse of items that one can get permission to view. I worked with Mary French, Associate Curator for the donations we made at that time.

Some of the above I related in more detail in an article I wrote for the US Archery News as requested by their Editor, Arlyne Rhode. Other references and records may be found in publications such as History of the National Archery Association, Volumes One and Two, and Archery Champions written by Robert Rhode.

I was fortunate to enjoy relationships with manufacturing notables such as Earl Hoyt, Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, Doug Easton and others - - plus competition with a number of champion archers including Pat Chambers, Howard Hill, Larry Hughes, Russ Reynolds and many others.  I treasured those relationships. When in High School, I was given the opportunity to perform with Russ Hoogerhyde during his demonstration of archery lour ol the country at High Schools and Colleges. My performance was brief but enjoyable.

I present the above summary to reflect why I am so proud of the Archery Hall of hame & Museum progress at Springfield, Missouri - - my home town!   Archery was a central part of my life and contributed a lot toward my learning about life in earlier years. Although in splendid health, at 87 years of age I no longer compete but have had the opportunity to introduce the sport to my grandchildren. I've lived a truly blessed life.

Congratulations to all for your accomplishments that I know has taken much time and effort to develop. Will look forward to visiting your creation my next visit to Springfield.


Howard N. Wilson

8903 Misty Creek Drive                                                     

Phone: 941-504-6654

Sarasota, FL 34241       


    October 12, 2012

    Thank you for the beautiful brochure about the Hall of Fame Museum, and congratulations on such
    a lovely place.
    Floyd would have loved it.      
                                                         Virginia Thomas

      October 30, 2012

      Dear Diane


    Anytime your newsletter comes in it’s the first piece of mail I open and I immediately read it from

     cover to cover. The last issue had really great photos from the induction and I saw a lot of my

     friends were there. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make the event. Keep up the great work. I

     really miss Dave.


     Sam Fudenberg

     Roseville, MN

     October 4th, 2012
    Diane,  Just want to thank you for sending us the 2012 Induction program.  Very thoughtful
    and we certainly  appreciate it!   I have already put it with my archery collection of bows, books,
    and trophies.  I knew all of them except Allen.  I shot in completion with Frank Gandy several times.               Thanks again. 
             Bob Barrie                                      

April 23, 2012


I met Len Cardinale at Wa-Xo-Be Archers in South Brunswick, N. J. many times watching him coach some of my friends.

What a gentleman he is! I had no idea that he rubbed elbows with historical greats in archery. He spoke with me kindly and as a friend.

 I am a lowly peasant but he treated me as an equal.

 I offer him sincere congratulations at his Archery Hall of Fame induction.

 I wish that this message from me would be relayed to him.

 Thank you in advance!


Andy Kriss

April 4, 2013

Hi Diane,
    We did make it to Springfield on the way home from Florida and did get to  go through the Museum.  Very impressive and sure glad we made the trip.  In talking to the person at the door, who was a archer himself and had a number of the bows I designed for Herter's, said  that over 80,000 have gone through the AHOF Museum since November.

     My Best Bob Barrie

March 29, 2013

I took care of Babe in her later days. She was a wonderful wonderful sweet and kind person. A natural teacher.. I will never forget her.
Cari Christman Blount
Oregon First
123 E. Powell
Gresham Oregon 97030


December 27, 2012


Thank you so much for this website – Paul W. Crouch was my Grandfather – I love the pictures – I remember that truck from his farm in Oxford, New York

                           Scott F. McGlone


                                  December 6, 2012

Hi Diane


Thanks for the wonderful calendar you sent with all those great photos.  I really miss my old friends in archery of those that are still living. The years go really fast and so do lives. Have a great holiday season.

                                  Sam Fudenberg


                       November 6, 2012

    Hello Diane
Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my Mom's induction into the Hall of Fame.  It was a true Highlight for her and a wonderful recognition of her accomplishments as one of the true Champions of the Sport.

For me it was a very welcome surprise.  I was not expecting such an amazingly professional and well executed event and venue.  It is clear that a great deal of thought, work and professional consideration has gone into the establishment of the Hall of Fame and Museum.  Having been away from the sport for some 40 years it was amazing to me to be exposed to it again. 

It is apparent that you have played a key role in where the Hall of Fame and Museum is today.  If anything you should take great pride in what it is bringing to people like my Mom.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

I take great pride in saying that I am Ann Butz's Daughter, the one that was always running around at all of the tournaments!!


Warmest Regards
 Pat Kerko


                                               June 22, 2012      


Thanks for having this website.
   I was a member of the Lake Parsipany Bowmen of NJ. 1950 intermediate Team champions at Franklin Marshall college PA.


I recall Jean Lee being women's Champ and Anne Corby second. Ann's husband Lloyd Corby was third in the Men's championship as I remember . I grew up with the Weber's, Corbys.  We sat at the same champions table at Springfield College Ma. late 1940's thru 1956  where the Eastern States Championships were held.. Anne was a saleslady for Robin hood Archery, Montclair NJ. Our Club was 20 members. Would love to see mention of Harold Taylor, Wife Gertrude Taylor founders and coaches of the Lake Parsippany Bowmen 6 yr Eastern archery assn., NY, NJ, PA Metropolitan and New Jersey champs. Myself and many other club members were individual Target, Field, Clout, and Flight Champions We also Competed Weekly.

Thanks again


Do you remember 1961 National Field Champion, Lon Stanton?

This letter was recently received Lon Stanton's granddaughter.

 To whom it may concern,


    My husband & I took our four children to Bass Pro in Springfield, MO on Saturday, Sept. 3 and were very excited to see your Archery display!

It was very well done and very informative and we can't wait to see it in its entirety. Thank you for keeping the history of archery alive!



    Holly Stanton Nimmo




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