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of Fame


Don Garbow


Category B - Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Bowhunting



There just isn’t many brands in the hunting industry that have reached the half-century mark, and fewer still are under control of the original owner. Buck Stop qualifies on both counts.

Don Garbow launched Buck Stop Lure Company in the fall of 1953. His first products, a concentrated apple scent for deer, was soon joined by other hunting, trapping and dog training scents.

In 1971, Buck Stop started something of a revolution in the hunting industry when it introduced the first commercially available doe estrus scent. Mate-TriksŪ, the Original Doe-In-HeatŪ Scent, was joined by other “sex scents” from Stanton, Michigan. 

Buck Stop’s quality control, customer care and their strong promotions have allowed them to keep going strong. While Mate-TriksŪ is still the company’s number one seller, Buck Stop’s product line has grown to over 130 products over the past half-century.





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