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   C. A. Chuck Saunders


1913 - 1995 

Class of 1985
Contributor to the Sport, Influence on the Sport

Chucks most famous invention was the Indian Cord Fiber Matt; Billions of arrows have been stopped by this product since its inception in the early 1940s. Chucks lifelong appreciation for the outdoors, led to the eventual founding of the Bowhunters Who Care organization. 

During his 50-plus years in the archery industry, he was always very active in the archery/sporting goods industry. Instrumental in forming the Archery Manufacturers Organization (then called AMADA), he was elected president in 1960, and in 1982 was made an Honorary Life Board member.

 During his tenure with AMO, Chuck served on the first Standards Committee, and also assisted with the photography and writing of the "ABCs of Archery."

Chuck also earned the Spinks Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Sporting Goods Industry.

The following was written by Dick Lattimer and appeared in the Summer 1995 issue of AMO News.

"A time to live, and a time to die..." Chuck Saunders lived a long, and very creative and fulfilling life, loved deeply by many friends, business associates, and family members. For each of us our own "time" will also come. If you have ever sat next to someone in a coma being kept alive on a res­pirator over a prolonged period of time, as I did with my father-in-law for almost a month, and as Chuck was on for the last two weeks of his life, you know that when "time" as we know it ends.  At the gravesite, Chuck's grandchildren and great-grandchildren released balloons up into the sky at the conclusion of the final words by the priest, to symbolize Chuck's soul going up to heaven, and to release the heavy grief from themselves. I think it is a good tradition and thought for all of us to accept. We need to know when and how to let our friends and loved ones "go home". for many of us after a productive and satisfying life, that that in itself can be a blessing from our Creator.

Chuck Saunders was a founder of AMO 42 years ago, and continued to attend every AMO Board meeting as an Honorary Board Member up until the time he died. He was a gentle, gentle man and he truly defined the term "friend". Part of me died along with Chuck. But I am reassured by the knowledge that I will once again see my friend, along with Papa Bear, Bob Kelly, and all the others, someday on the other side.


 Notes of Interest

  • Co-founder, Archery Manufacturers & Merchants Organization (AMO), 1953

  •  President AMMO, 1960, and active Honorary Board Member until his death in 1995

  • Founder, Bowhunters Who Care - National Bowhunters' organization

  • Responsible for design and development of the archery target mat

  • Innovator of numerous archery accessories



Chuck with Tom Jennings and Earl Hoyt

Chuck with Arlyne Rhode, Fred Bear and  Earl Hoyt




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